ALPIFINANCE knows how to promote your project or your venture in order to attract the right investor or the right buyer for your company.

We benefit from a large network of potential investors and buyers and we know exactly what is the best way to communicate in the market in order to raise funds or sell your company.

Our activity is mainly based in Europe, especially in Switzerland, France and Italy, but we can as well offer our services in other parts of the world, depending on our clients’ needs and opportunities.

Vincent mantiAlpiFinance founder
Who am I?

Coming from an family of entrepreneurs, I know very well this domain as I have myself participated in the creation of several ventures in various countries (United States, Italy, France, Switzerland). After living many years abroad, I am now based in Switzerland since 2009. In parallel of my entrepeneurial experiences, I also worked for multinational companies such as PSA Peugeot-Citroen and MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company where I succesfully managed important and strategic projects.


I know exactly how adapt to new people in various activities. My entrepreneurial spirit and my expertise in financing, optimization of working capital and project management pushed me to create AlpiFinance.

Vincent Manti